BAT® Desktop
Application for data visualization and reporting for individual users. You can analyze your data, build pivot tables, charts, treemaps and other types of diagrams.
Information About the Product
We've selected "Business Analysis Tool" due to several reasons:
1) the application has a flexible distributed architecture, and this allows to minimize the demands to hardware of the client workstations (in comparison with the "greedy" Excel) and to get better time of report generation.
2) due to compressed HTTP traffic the client can get comfortable access to the analytic data from any remote PC with internet access;
3) support for Analysis Services 2000 and 2005;
4) comfortable and rich interface of building reports, tools for logging and monitoring, centralized administration.
5) loyal license price in comparison with rivals;
6) the development team: fast response, sensitivity, flexibility and professionalism.
Romam Shichinov, chief of the software department
Pharmaceutical company FRA-M, Ltd. (
Product Features:
Reports are generated quickly on a vast amount of data
You can easily change the report view on your own without bringing in of IT-staff
Powerful analytic features
Flexible administration
Integration with Microsoft Office
Pivot table with chart
It allows analyzing multidimensional data in any context: you can place any hierarchies on rows/columns and display one or more measures. It is easy to search and filter the data, highlight cells using gradient and exception rules, export data into Microsoft Office. More than 30 types of charts are supported.
It allows to watch the minimum, medium and maximum values of two or more measures. It allows to observe a part of the element in the whole sum.
Dynamic Scatter Diagram
It is one of the best tools to visualize the trends and dependency of several measures in time.