Business Analysis Tool
Business Intelligence system for big and mid sized enterprises
We specialize in BI software development and consulting, and we are also engaged in the development of Web/Windows solutions on Microsoft .NET platform.
06.06.2019: We released version 5.9x of the BAT Enterprise. New features are:
- New Kinds for Maps;
- Action «Drill by» for Maps;
- Maps Navigation;
- «Drill Through» for Maps;
- Support Cube «Actions» for Maps;
- Legend on Map Report.
02.05.2019: We released version 5.8x of the BAT Enterprise. New features are:
- New type of report - «Map»;
- Maximaze/Minimaze for Web Dashboard;
- The right to web-design «Interactive Dashboard».
18.12.2018: We released version 5.7x of the BAT Enterprise. New features are:
- Web Dashboard Designer:
Web Dashboard designer allows you to create an «Interactive Dashboard» in the browser and has an intuitive interface that allows the user to perform data binding, shaping, layout, etc. without any difficulty. Many of these usually complex tasks can be accomplished with a simple drag and drop operation, which allows the user to immediately start creating an interactive dashboard. You can create a new dashboard in the browser, edit an existing one, save the created dashboards, convert one type of dashboard element to another type of element. In Web Dashboard, the designer can work with the following elements: Pivot, Grid, Chart, Scatter Chart, Pies, Gauges, Cards, Filter Elements, Image, Text Box, Group. Interaction between dashboard elements is interactive - each dashboard element can be a filter for other dashboard elements. You can perform the following actions on elements: Drill Down, Filters, Sorting, Formatting, Highlight, Spark Line, Edit Colors, Parameters, Print, Export to: PDF, Image, Excel.
- It is easy to use Ctrl / Shift + Mouse - for work with cells in tables;
- Flexible change in the way the totals are displayed in the table;
- The ability to copy table cells in Notepad, Excel, Word;
- Sampling Optimization in Context;
- Merging table cells when exporting to Excel;
- Cloning a version of the «Interactive Dashboard» report;
- Optimized users search of reports in the administrative module;
- Renovated «Interactive Dashboard» design;
- Added search function in the «Interactive Dashboard» filter element;
- Action "Expand / Collapse" element in the "Interactive Dashboard".
27.06.2018: We released version 5.6x of the BAT Enterprise. New features are:
- Expanded lists of elements in the context of reports;
- SQL-query editor for «Interactive Dashboard»;
- Support Views for «Interactive Dashboard»;
- Support Stored Procedure for Data Source;
- Client/Server Mode for «Interactive Dashboard»;
- MDX Statistics for Queries by Elements;
- Password Settings;
- Search in List of Reports in the Report Module;
- Highlighting of Hierarchy with All Elements of the Level;
- Automatic Update of Data in «Interactive Dashboard».
01.02.2018: We released version 5.5x of the BAT Enterprise. New features are:
- «Interactive Dashboard» supports «Relational Database» data source;
- «Interactive Dashboard» supports «Excel/CSV file» data source;
- BAT Report, BAT Admin and BAT Viewer on Apple Mac for BAT 5 (Beta).
07.12.2017: We released version 5.4x of the BAT Enterprise. New features are:
- Quick formatting of grid;
- Support «Cube Language» for reports generated by schedule service.
19.09.2017: We released version 5.3x of the BAT Enterprise. New features are:
- Calculated measures, members for «Interactive Dashboard»;
- Dark Theme - New theme for «Web Interactive Dashboard»;
- Restrictions on hierarchy, measures, KPI for roles in the «Interactive Dashboard»;
- Windows Authentication for «Web Interactive Dashboard»;
- Optimization of drawing of a grid with a highlight;
- Optimization of export to Excel of a grid with a highlight;
- Filtering and sorting users in the mail broadcast form.
23.05.2017: We released version 5.2x of the BAT Enterprise. New features are:
- Web Interactive Dashboard;
- New Treemap Interactive Dashboard Item;
- New Bound Image Interactive Dashboard Item.
Full list of changes can be found here.
30.03.2017: We released version 5.1x of the BAT Enterprise. New features are:
- Migration to .NET 4.0;
- New DevExpress;
- New report type «Interactive Dashboard»;
- The tab «Schedules».
Full list of changes can be found here.